Which artifact to LEVEL FIRST? Munitions DPS (2024)

Artifacts aren’t as straight forward was some make it seem. You’ll basically want to level arts for the type of content you will plan on running most. So as an example. If you run elite content most of the time with the occasional reg when you can’t find a group than you’ll want strat at some point. However if you only run lower group type elite and don’t do much elite raids than or you only run elite the minimum amount of time to get renown than don’t run any elite until a new dlc than strat card isn’t as valuable to you as a dps. Same with EoG which is a popular Endgame art. If you don’t regularly run with EoG healers than it’s not really a priority to level up. But if you do run with a lot of EoG healers than you’ll want to level EoG for dps.

With that said. Might want to look at the following arts:
Trans: overall good
Strat: if you run high level elite content (where things survive long enough)
EoG: if you run with EoG healers
Solar amp

So I’ll now explain my preferred set up for munitions:
EoG/quislet: this depends if I run with EoG healers.

This set up is more made for elite content. If you don’t run elite than you can do the following:


Alternatively you can run solar in the 3rd slot for any of the builds and use heat vision. But imo it’s not needed:

As for leveling arts. You always want to level each of your arts one at a time per milestone ranks. These are 80/120/160/200. These levels are where your art gets more bonuses (better effects). Typically you’ll want to level them all to 80. Then all to 120. Then all to 160. Then all to 200. There are some exceptions.

For example. Trans gains it’s primary benefit at rank 80 and each milestone will basically lower its negative effect. So when leveling a build with trans in it than you can level it to 80 first to get the primary bonus. The order of which you level arts is really based on your preferences (for the most part). Read the effects and see what you want more. As a small reference in the examples above I’ve level them up like this.

Elite with no EoG healer is: trans, strat, Quislet. So the level process would be as follows:
Trans to 80
Strat to 80
Quislet to 80
Quislet to 120
Strat to 120
Strat to 160
Trans to 120
Quislet to 160
Quislet to 200
Strat to 200
Trans to 160
Trans to 200

The reasoning behind this is as follows:
Trans has the best at 80 effect out of all 3 so you want it up first.
Strat gives an extra dot so you’ll want this
Quislet gives a pet so this is next.
Quislet at 120 gives an extra attack that procs with your ability usage which is a more reliable damage proc than start at 120.
Strat then goes from 80 up to 160 since all other effects can wait and starts 160 effect is worth skipping everything else.
From there you’ll take the trans to lower the penalty level while also gaining more base stats. But after the the penalty of trans is worth leaving as is until everything else is done.
Quislet will then go from 120 to 200. Yes strats 200 effect is also good but getting 1% sc with each quislet attack means you’ll be able to synergies with the occasional EoG healer you run into.
From there you ignore trans and max strat to get the extra damage from strat procs.
And trans would be last to be maxed.

Using similar logic as above the none elite level up process would be as follows:
Trans to 80
Quislet to 80
EoG to 80
EoG to 120
Quislet to 120
Quislet to 160
EoG to 160
Trans to 120
Quislet to 200
EoG to 200
Trans to 200

EoG and quislet work well together especially with munitions. Things get more complex with art swapping which isn’t needed (don’t let others tell you otherwise). But in the basics this is a rough path for you to take.

Which artifact to LEVEL FIRST? Munitions DPS (2024)
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