Let The Light In - Chapter 4 - Athena_Winters13 (2024)

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The next time you see Sevika she’s headed into Babettes. You want to turn around and you also kind of want to punch her in her beautiful face. But you’re dressed nice today in a pair of black jeans and a black halter top that doesn’t do much concealing your tit*, so you decide you’ll go in and see what kind of drama you can make after she beat the sh*t out of your feelings

You’ve never been to Babettes before, but the atmosphere is nice. It smells floral and there aren’t many people out in the hallway, but you can hear voices in the various rooms, you can also hear moans and various sounds that have you blushing. “Can I help you sweetheart?”

There's a woman standing next to you, she’s pretty and not wearing much, if you weren’t so enamored with Sevika you might have decided to stay there with her, but instead you say, “I’m looking for Sevika.”

She looks a bit surprised, but points down the hall and says to turn left. You go down the hall and see Sevika sitting on a couch with a smaller woman with a mask. They’re sharing a cigarillo. Your confidence wears out at the sight of the woman. She’s so pretty and petite, you are wide hipped and busty not anything like her. If this is Sevikas type you don’t stand a chance. And then her eyes are on you, she looks shocked and stands up right away. The girl next to her startles and asks Sevika what’s wrong, but Sevika pushes her aside and storms toward you. “Didn’t mean to disturb you, just browsing all the women here, shame you’re not available,” you wink at her and smirk.

She yanks your hand and shoves you into an empty room. “f*ck do you think you’re doing here,” she shouts at you.

You shrug your shoulders, “I can’t come to Babettes to get my rocks off?”

She laughs, but there’s no humor behind it, “no you can’t, actually.”

You furrow your brows and look at her, what is her issue. “ Believe it or not Sevika, you don’t own the brothel, I can do as I please,” you flip her off and watch her as she eyes you up and down.

“Why are you wearing that,” she stares you down.

You roll your eyes, not mentally prepared for an insult on your body if it comes, “look, I know I don’t look like your brothel girls, I’m not a petite little thing, but you can save your insults because believe it or not I would care too much about your bullsh*t opinion.”

Now it’s her turn to roll her eyes, “ I wasn’t going to insult you, you look good with your tit* spilling out like that,” she smirks at you all co*cky.

You look down to your cleavage, it does look pretty good, you can’t lie, you squeeze them together and smile as Sevika licks her lips. “They do look pretty good, huh? Shame your girls here don’t have a little cushion for the pushin,” you laugh at how ridiculous you sound, but like you said you were making this up on the fly and with the way Sevikas looking at you it’s time to tease, “I always thought you’d be into thicker women, what happened to your sorry ass.”

You click your tongue and shake your head disappointingly. She glares at you, falling right into your teasing, “f*ck off, I do just fine with the girls here. Not too much variety in size, I take what I can get. Obviously I’d like someone thick too dumbass, you don’t know sh*t about me.”

“Yeah, but you wouldn’t know how to handle a woman like that,” you watch her face light up and you know you got her.

She rushes you and glares daggers down at you, you definitely bruised her ego with that one, “ bullsh*t I wouldn’t know what to do, I would rock your f*cking world,” her eyes go wide the same time yours do.


Oh, well you weren’t really talking about yourself, just thick women in general, nice to know she was thinking about you like that. She backs off a little as you giggle, “hmm well I wasn’t talking about myself per say, but if that’s what you think then you’d be dead wrong. You wouldn’t know what to do with all this, might give you a heart attack,” you grab a handful of your ass and wiggle it.

She licks her lips again and stares down at your ass, “you wouldn’t be able to walk after I’ve had my way with you,” she’s smirking co*cky again, but you know her and her weaknesses.

She may have changed with time, but you’d bet your last coin she’s still a sucker for her hair being stroked and the feeling of not being able to intimidate someone. You grab her jaw and turn her head to the side, you bring your lips to her ear and suck the lobe between your lips, you draw back just enough to whisper in her ear, “I would have you in a whimpering mess on my bed, while you take everything I give you,” you draw back and watch her as she pants.

She looks dazed, like someone just got finished beating her ass and she’s winded. You go in for the kill and string your fingers through the back of her hair, scratching lightly. She melts into your hand and pants a bit more. You pull your hand away quickly and smirk at her. She’s still dazed at first, then breaks into a scowl like she’s pissed she enjoyed that. Yeah, you knew she’d like that. “You’re full of bullsh*t, you know that. No one has ever had me like that and no one will, that’s not how it goes. I’m on top, always will be, no one can best me.”

You roll your eyes, always so irritating with her, “sex isn’t a competition Sevika, you don’t best someone, there isn’t a winner. You can try and put on the act, but I know you’re a wet little mess after what I just said,” you smirk and turn for the door.

You figure you’ve done enough for one day, but now that you know she’s still the same deep down in there, you make it your mission to bring out that soft side of her again and you tell yourself that you absolutely will get her a whimpering mess in your bed if that’s the last thing you do in this life. Dear gods, not even Janna herself could pull you off Sevika once you get her naked in your bed.

Let The Light In - Chapter 4 - Athena_Winters13 (2024)
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