Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (2024)

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Featured Coding Bootcamps Full-Stack Web Development Certificate Front-End Web Development Certificate Software Engineering Certificate Data Science Certificate FinTech Bootcamp JavaScript Development Certificate Python Developer Certificate Front-End Web Development Classes Front-End Web Development Certificate Web Development with HTML & CSS Advanced HTML & CSS Flexbox, Grid, & Bootstrap JavaScript for Front-End React Development Bootcamp Learn the Skills Guarantee™ Back-End Web Development Classes Full-Stack Web Development Certificate Python Web Development with Django PHP & MySQL Bootcamp WordPress for Coders Data Science Classes Data Science Certificate Data Analytics Certificate FinTech Bootcamp Python for Data Science Bootcamp Python Machine Learning Bootcamp SQL Bootcamp High School Coding Bootcamps Computer Science High School Summer Program NYC Python Data Science & Machine Learning Bootcamp Java High School Summer Program NYC Corporate & Onsite Training Front-End Web Back-End Web Data Science Python Private Training Group Class Vouchers Why Learn at Noble Learn Real-World Design & Coding Skills 30 Years of Experience Highly Reviewed by Our Alumni What Coding Class is Right for You? Front-End Web Dev Bootcamps How to Get Started Back-End Web Dev Bootcamps Coding Careers Learn Coding for a New Career Web Developer Front End Developer Software Engineer Data Scientist Mobile Developer Product Manager Python Developer Full Stack Developer Interactive Training Learn in Real-Time with Small Class Sizes On Campus in NYC 185 Madison Ave, NYC Live Online Remote, from anywhere Upcoming Coding Classes in NYC or Live Online FAQs

Featured Coding Bootcamps

Master the skills and tools you need to embark on a new career as a web developer or data scientist. Learn in-demand developer tools and languages with hands-on training from top instructors in New York.

  • Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (1)

    Full-Stack Web Development Certificate

    • Weekdays only
    • 420 hours
    • Open to beginners
    • Financing available
    • 1:1 Mentoring

    Gain the skills and knowledge to become a Full Stack Developer and meet the growing demand for professionals who can develop and maintain web applications. This project-oriented course teaches you how to code websites from scratch, and you'll build a portfolio of working web applications to showcase to potential employers.

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  • Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (2)

    Front-End Web Development Certificate

    • Weekdays only
    • 108 hours
    • Open to beginners
    • Financing available
    • 1:1 Mentoring

    Learn front-end web development with HTML & CSS, and JavaScript, and gain skills in building responsive websites for any screen size. Additionally, learn how to use WordPress, the world's leading content management system, to create customizable websites and edit content without coding experience.

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  • Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (3)

    Software Engineering Certificate

    • Weekdays only
    • 510 hours
    • Open to beginners
    • Financing available
    • 1:1 Mentoring

    Learn front end development with HTML & CSS, JavaScript, and React, and back end development with Python, Django, and Node.js. Get 1-on-1 mentoring and a structured curriculum to become a skilled Software Engineer or Full Stack Developer.

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  • Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (4)

    Data Science Certificate

    • Evenings, weekdays, or saturdays
    • 114 hours
    • Open to beginners
    • Financing available
    • 1:1 Mentoring

    Learn Python, SQL, automation, and machine learning to become a Data Scientist. Gain Python programming, data analysis, SQL querying, and predictive modeling skills. Perfect for beginners, this program prepares you for entry-level data science and Python engineering roles. Unlock high-paying job opportunities in the field of data science.

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  • Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (5)

    FinTech Bootcamp

    • Evenings, weekdays, or saturdays
    • 114 hours
    • Open to beginners
    • Financing available
    • 1:1 Mentoring

    Get the skills you need for a career in finance technology with the FinTech Bootcamp. Learn Python programming, data science, financial analysis, data visualization, and machine learning to become a Financial Analyst, Data Scientist, or Data Analyst.

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  • Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (6)

    JavaScript Development Certificate

    • Weekdays only
    • 324 hours
    • Prerequisites required
    • Financing available
    • 1:1 Mentoring

    Learn how to build web apps with JavaScript, one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Develop in-demand skills, including creating dynamic web applications with React and Node.js, working with APIs, and incorporating third-party frameworks and libraries.

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  • Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (7)

    Python Developer Certificate

    • Weekdays only
    • 90 hours
    • Prerequisites required
    • Financing available
    • 1:1 Mentoring

    Learn the skills needed to become a Python Developer, from Python programming fundamentals to web development with Django and Django REST. Develop in-demand skills with Django, a popular Python web framework used for back end web programming, and build a portfolio of projects under the guidance of the lead instructor.

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Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (8)

Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (9)

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  • 2,500+

Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (10)

Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (11)

Front-End Web Development Classes

The front end of a website is the part that users see and interact with when they visit the website. Front End Web Developers need to know HTML to build the structure, CSS to implement the layout and visual design, and JavaScript to create interactive functionality.

  • Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (12)

    Front-End Web Development Certificate

    • Weekdays only
    • 108 hours
    • Open to beginners
    • Financing available
    • 1:1 Mentoring

    Learn front-end web development with HTML & CSS, and JavaScript, and gain skills in building responsive websites for any screen size. Additionally, learn how to use WordPress, the world's leading content management system, to create customizable websites and edit content without coding experience.

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  • Web Development with HTML & CSS

    Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (13)

    • Weekdays only
    • 18 hours
    • Open to beginners

    Learn how to code webpages using HTML and CSS, from structuring and tagging content to styling and making the pages responsive. Upload and make your websites live using FTP.

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  • Advanced HTML & CSS

    Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (14)

    • Weekdays only
    • 18 hours
    • Prerequisites required

    Take your CSS skills to the next level with this comprehensive training course. Learn about advanced topics such as SVG, CSS variables, gradients, shadows, positioning, transitions, transforms, responsive images, and more to help you code professional looking webpages.

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  • Flexbox, Grid, & Bootstrap

    Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (15)

    • Weekdays only
    • 12 hours
    • Prerequisites required

    Learn how to use CSS flexbox and grid to layout and align webpage content and make it adapt to different size screens. See how both of these newer CSS techniques are useful and when to use each. You’ll also learn how to use Bootstrap (which uses Flexbox) to build out layouts quickly.

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  • JavaScript for Front-End

    Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (16)

    • Weekdays only
    • 18 hours
    • Prerequisites required

    Learn how to make your webpages more dynamic and engaging with JavaScript and animations using GreenSock. From the fundamentals of JavaScript code to creating stunning animations with GSAP, this course will equip you with the skills to transform your web projects into complex, interactive designs.

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  • React Development Bootcamp

    Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (17)

    • Weekdays or evenings
    • 72 hours
    • Prerequisites required
    • Payment plan available

    Learn how to build dynamic web applications with React in this comprehensive bootcamp. From the basics of React and Node.js to advanced components and server deployment, you'll gain the skills necessary to create fully-functioning web apps.

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Learn the Skills Guarantee™

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Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (18)

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Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (19)

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The teaching method at Noble Desktop is perfect and the classes provide you with infinite knowledge that makes you eager to take everything they offer. I love Noble!
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Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (20)

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Back-End Web Development Classes

The back end of a website consists of the logic that defines how the front end interacts with the database. It also controls when and how data is transformed and displayed to the user. Back End Developers need to know programming languages such as Ruby, Python, and PHP. Frameworks such as Ruby on Rails and Django (Python) are also valuable skills to know.

  • Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (21)

    Full-Stack Web Development Certificate

    • Weekdays only
    • 420 hours
    • Open to beginners
    • Financing available
    • 1:1 Mentoring

    Gain the skills and knowledge to become a Full Stack Developer and meet the growing demand for professionals who can develop and maintain web applications. This project-oriented course teaches you how to code websites from scratch, and you'll build a portfolio of working web applications to showcase to potential employers.

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  • Python Web Development with Django

    Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (22)

    • Weekdays only
    • 60 hours
    • Prerequisites required

    Learn Django, a Python web framework, for developing web applications. Gain experience with URL dispatchers, querying models, and automating tasks with Django. Then, explore Django REST, another Django framework, to work with images, authentication, and API endpoints.

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  • PHP & MySQL Bootcamp

    Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (23)

    • Not currently scheduled
    • 18 hours
    • Prerequisites required

    Unlock the dynamic power of the web with PHP & MySQL and gain a fundamental understanding of these two building blocks of dynamic websites. Learn how to use these database languagues to interact with customers, collect and display information from a database, send emails, and more.

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  • WordPress for Coders

    Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (24)

    • Not currently scheduled
    • 6 hours
    • Prerequisites required

    If you already have experience with coding webpages and using the visual content management side of WordPress, this class will teach you how to take more control over WordPress through coding. You will learn how to set up a local testing server, install WordPress, create a custom WordPress theme, and more.

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Data Science Classes

Data science is a growing field that helps us analyze data to gain powerful insights and build amazing products. Many Data Scientists use Python because it’s an accessible general-purpose programming language that comes with valuable third-party libraries and tools for manipulating and visualizing data.

  • Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (25)

    Data Science Certificate

    • Evenings, weekdays, or saturdays
    • 114 hours
    • Open to beginners
    • Financing available
    • 1:1 Mentoring

    Learn Python, SQL, automation, and machine learning to become a Data Scientist. Gain Python programming, data analysis, SQL querying, and predictive modeling skills. Perfect for beginners, this program prepares you for entry-level data science and Python engineering roles. Unlock high-paying job opportunities in the field of data science.

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  • Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (26)

    Data Analytics Certificate

    • Weekdays or evenings
    • 156 hours
    • Open to beginners
    • Financing available
    • 1:1 Mentoring

    Learn the essential skills needed to become a Data Analyst or Business Analyst, including data analysis, data visualization, and statistical analysis. Gain practical experience through real-world projects and prepare for a successful career in the field of data analytics.

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  • Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (27)

    FinTech Bootcamp

    • Evenings, weekdays, or saturdays
    • 114 hours
    • Open to beginners
    • Financing available
    • 1:1 Mentoring

    Get the skills you need for a career in finance technology with the FinTech Bootcamp. Learn Python programming, data science, financial analysis, data visualization, and machine learning to become a Financial Analyst, Data Scientist, or Data Analyst.

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  • Python for Data Science Bootcamp

    Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (28)

    • Weekdays, evenings, or saturdays
    • 30 hours
    • Open to beginners

    Unlock the power of Python for data-driven decision-making as you master Python programming fundamentals and dive into data analysis. Acquire essential skills to clean and manipulate data, create insightful visualizations, and perform statistical analysis, all through hands-on projects with real-world datasets.

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  • Python Machine Learning Bootcamp

    Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (29)

    • Weekdays, evenings, or saturdays
    • 30 hours
    • Prerequisites required

    Learn the fundamentals of machine learning, including regression analysis and classification algorithms, in this practical, hands-on course. Gain the skills needed to solve real-world problems using machine learning, with a focus on Python programming and data science libraries.

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  • SQL Bootcamp

    Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (30)

    • Weekdays, evenings, or saturdays
    • 18 hours
    • Open to beginners

    Learn to extract information from databases by writing SQL queries, joining tables, aggregating data, and filtering results. You'll learn PostgreSQL in this class, but the concepts apply equally to other databases such as SQL Server and MySQL.

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High School Coding Bootcamps

These summer classes cover beginner-level skills in coding for high school students.

  • Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (31)

    Computer Science High School Summer Program NYC

    • Weekdays only
    • 95 hours
    • Open to beginners

    In this intensive bootcamp, you'll learn to program using Java and Python, two of the most popular and universally-applicable languages used by software developers today. This course will give any student a head-start in university-level coding courses.

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  • Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (32)

    Python Data Science & Machine Learning Bootcamp

    • Evenings, weekdays, or saturdays
    • 96 hours
    • Open to beginners
    • Payment plan available
    • 1:1 Mentoring

    Master Python for data analysis, machine learning, and automation. Build predictive models, create dynamic dashboards, and unleash the power of data visualization. Launch your career in data science and Python engineering, equipped with Python, NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib.

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  • Java High School Summer Program NYC

    Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (33)

    • Weekdays only
    • 50 hours
    • Open to beginners

    This course willprepare you to excel as a programmer throughout college and beyond! Beginners will become advanced coders through our fast-moving curriculum and project-based approach to learning.

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Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (34)

Front-End Web

HTML, CSS, & JavaScript

Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (35)

Back-End Web

Ruby on Rails, PHP, MySQL, & WordPress

Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (36)

Data Science

Python, SQL, Tableau, & Excel

Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (37)


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Launch your career in tech with coding classes and dev bootcamps in NYC (or live online). Choose from weeknight classes, two-day workshops, and accelerated bootcamp programs. Students that enroll in courses at Noble Desktop don’t need huge loans or full-time availability.

Our module-style courses are affordable and easy to build on. Take only the classes you need to increase your earning potential, gain in-demand skills, and embark on a career in a new line of work!

  • Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (38)

    Learn Real-World Design & Coding Skills

    “Noble Desktop is far and away the most efficient way of gaining computer graphics skills. They give real-world exercises to work on, teach best practices, and inspire many an ‘aha!’moment. Highly recommended.”
    Joanne Hu

  • Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (39)

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    Since 1990 we have perfected the craft of teaching. If students get hung up on an issue, we tweak the class to make it better. We’re the longest running independent training center for code and design inNYC.

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From our hands-on training style to world-class instructors and proprietary curriculum, we deliver a learning experience our alumni can be proud of.

Our Coding Classes & Bootcamps are rated 4.7 stars by 1,655 students

in the past 24 months

Noble Desktop (where I took the Python for Data Science Bootcamp) provides very well-planned classes with easy-to-access content to make the experience more interactive. It's a no-brainer to sign on with them.

Joseph Lusso

As a first time coding student, I have to say that I was very excited yet nervous that to begin a class that spoke a "different language". Noble Desktop's Web Development 1 class is laid out in such a way that makes it easy for students from any background to learn and understand an extensive amount of content in a simplified way.

Jessica Sepulveda
East Meadow UFSD

The class was a great introduction to HTML and CSS! I had a little background knowledge going in, but I definitely feel like I have a better understanding of WHY you do certain things and the logic behind the code. It was beginner-friendly and taught practical skills that I can already use. After going home on the last day, I was able to update the navigation on my company's website and add a new page that fit the rest of the website's styling. I could even make it mobile compatible! If I'd tried this a week ago, I probably would've crashed the whole site.

Mary Murphy
Modern Martial Arts

I really enjoyed the goal-oriented nature of the course. Instead of only learning about the theory behind computing, we got a chance to apply what was being taught by writing code and putting everything together to build something practical. Also, we covered a wide range of topics aside from just programming like a little bit of computer hardware, files & file formats, and HTML. After taking this class, I feel like there are so many more possibilities and applications of computer science than I originally thought. Overall, I was really impressed with how well-designed the course was.

Emily Mittleman

Noble lets you learn to code in a hands-on, practical way. The goal is for you to actually learn how to build websites. The content is extremely practical; they’ve spent over 20 years perfecting the course materials, and it shows. The materials become your reference manual that you can refer to as you implement upgrades to your own website. Don’t waste your money elsewhere, this is the place to go. The owner and teachers are fully committed to your success.

Sonia Parechanian

Sneha is a natural teacher, funny and well-informed. I felt both supported and challenged by the class. Highly recommended for beginners (and self-taught people like me, with major gaps in their knowledge)!

Jake Thomas

You guys rule. I always recommend Noble Desktop to anyone who ever asks me for advice about taking instructional classes.

Adam Bohannon

Over the years, the good people at Noble Desktop have solved the magical mysteries of web design and web coding! Cheers!

Adam Bohannon

Learning about Flex, Grid, and Bootstrap has changed my understanding of web design. I'm so glad I took this course!

Jake Thomas

Flexbox, Grid + Bootstrap was another perspective on how to create structure and simplify certain aspects of web design. David is a thoughtful and thorough instructor. It is always challenging learning new things and taking classes at Noble Desktop makes it a fun experience! Highly recommend!

Victoria Greiss

If you are looking to grow in the world of graphic arts, Noble Desktop is the best place in New York!

Stewart Feuer

Noble Desktop is still the best place in NYC to take web coding and graphic design classes.

Scott Carson

Great instructor and material! Really enjoyable classes set at a perfect pace and always up-to-the-minute relevant in terms of the latest browser peculiarities. Highly recommended!

Trudy Appling

This course is both an excellent introduction for beginners in web development and a handy refresher for intermediate coders or coders with rusty skills. I highly recommend it.

Dawn Cavalieri

This class is taught by someone who is not only an expert at coding, but by someone who is a fantastic teacher. Those two things are often mutually exclusive skills, however Noble Desktop has managed to find an instructor with both skills at a very high level. If you are thinking of learning iOS development, look no further, as this class will be a great springboard for your success in the field.

West Kraemer

Noble's iOS Development course has taken me from pure novice in code of any kind to about to publish my very own iOS app. I'd tried paid online courses, tutorials and books but it all ended in frustration. One reason being that the language Swift has been developing and changing so much that online wasn't keeping up. There's nothing like having a live coding expert in the same room. Noble finds excellent teachers (who are also patient with beginners) and is very generous with workbooks, downloadable materials and files in order to keep everything up to date. Taking this course was the best decision I've made in the last ten years..!


The class was well thought out and the instructor was very thorough. Covered a lot of basic and not-so-basic HTML and CSS coding - enough to make you want to come and learn more at the advanced level.

David Petersen
NJ Advance Media

This course was easy to follow and we covered tons of information relative to development, testing and distribution. The big plus for me is the hand-coding, but this course is great for anyone looking to get started in HTML Emails with plenty of resources to move forward and beyond.

German Hernandez

Victoria did a great job of breaking down the current challenges of coding solid responsive HTML emails. The class covered all the key topics I needed to update our approach and sparked some new email ideas. Couldn't ask for more than that!

Tina Sher
Value Line

As someone with no experience in coding and relatively little experience in computer concepts in general, this is a digestible and immediately applicable introduction to HTML and CSS.

Seth Yamasaki

The class was very helpful for a beginner learning the difference between and .org and the advantage of using and customizing Wordpress templates to more quickly build elegant and functional websites. It even gave advice on how to move your blog from .com to .org. I highly recommend this class to anyone ready to take coding to the next level.

Silvia Balu

I was coding my own website, and had run into a number of roadblocks. By the end of the class, all of my issues were solved, either with the course exercises, or with the instructor's help. I feel much more comfortable with both HTML and CSS after taking this course.

Jonah Schrogin

Well structured classroom instruction with actual coding exercises. A good way to up your skills with CSS in a short time.

Douglas McGredy

This is the second class I have taken and Scott is definitely a great teacher. He is always making sure he shares best practices when it comes to coding and is really committed to letting everyone in.

Walter Aucaylle

For any designer with an aptitude for coding, the Ruby on Rails class is a great way to get a taste of both the Ruby programming language and the Rails framework. But be careful, you'll soon be addicted and begging for more!

Mark LaRiviere
LaRiviere Design, LLC

I started teaching myself responsive design for a site I'm designing at work. This course made me want to redo all of the work I've done so far! It was wonderful and the instructor was so knowledgeable. She solved all of the coding problems that were puzzling me.

Natalie Ryan
Time Inc.

This class will give you a strong fundamental understanding of coding for the web. Whether you take this class because you know nothing, a little bit, or just need a refresher, I guarantee you will leave feeling confident enough to build your own site. Even though this class is only the tip of the iceberg of all the things there are to learn in the field of web development, when you go on to take more classes, or just decide to play around with what you learned, you will be glad to have this knowledge under your belt.

Marina Braga

Loved the Web Development I Class. I had no previous experience with coding and now I feel I can go out and create simple static sites with a lot of tricks up my sleeve. Totally awesome instructor, can't wait for Web Development II.

Susan Baughman

I loved the class! It was wonderful to learn about the fundamentals of coding and the program together. It really opens the doors for understanding the relationship between the code and the way a website appears to the public. It also helped me with troubleshooting in other programs. I absolutely recommend this class and hope to take more in the future.

Dana Klein
Albany Medical Center

This bootcamp really helped me improve my computer programming skills from a novice to an intermediate.

Soham B.

Rob is very helpful and always ready to answer questions. He explained the content very well. The course is a great introduction to Python and programming!

Leyla Beck

The Noble Desktop JavaScript & jQuery course is a great introduction to the world of programming. There is so much information covered in this course. I think anyone looking to improve their dev skills would benefit from this course.

Patrick Hobart

If you are looking to really learn about programming, this is the place to go. Noble Desktop is hands down the best place to come.

Wendy Herzberg

I love the show & then do process the course takes, it makes it much better than just listening and watching a course. (Yawn!)..You get to actually try out the course content as you go step by step so that makes the courses more interactive and gives you a sense of getting your fingers & mindset involved. That is probably the best reason I would recommend these classes.

Juan Lemus

Web Dev I exceeded my expectations and I now feel comfortable with HTML and CSS.

Patrick Kosmowski

Went to Noble first time in '11 and did not disappoint. Great instructors, tools, and reference materials to get things done.

Naoyuki (Nick) Suemura

I learned so much in only one week. I highly recommend this class.


Love coming to Noble Desktop - it is really the ONLY place for design and website training!

Elizabeth Halliday
Elizabeth International Web Design

Very intuitive and hands-on learning which makes the concept of web development easy to grasp.

David Lemaire

Learning with Sneha was fantastic - great material, made learning to code easy and understandable - and best teacher ever!


Great atmosphere, excellent instructors and flawless equipment. Would recommend to someone who is interested in coding and would like to be fully engaged in class.

Felix Mednik

I never thought learning coding at Noble Desktop would be so easy.

Angel Thill

Web Dev 1 cleared away any anxiety I had about learning HTML and CSS. Their practical approach is far more effective than my previous two programs. I feel as though I have a solid foundation through which I can build upon. Thank you!

Mark Comer

Great way to start learning Python!

Nolan Young

Enrolling in the Python for Data Science course was the best decision I could have made for myself and my advancing career. I'm feeling confident enough to move beyond my traditional role using what I've learned at Noble Desktop to create a portfolio of my knowledge.

Aja Walton

The class had a quick and easy flow to understanding the contents of the class. It was taught by an outstanding instructor and I recommend to everyone and anyone who wants to learn more about Javascript and jQuery.

Alwin Jacob

Awesome instructors! Class content is excellent! Experience has been great so far! Can't wait to do some more learning with Noble Desktop :)

Sunny Ryoo
Pixelove Design

This class is a must! Lasha is extremely knowledgable and a great teacher. You will learn how to create very cool interactive experiences with the information learned in this class. A+!

Hannah Blaser
Citizen Watch America

This class is a MUST! Dan makes the content easy to understand and applicable to real life work scenarios. So happy I took this class at Noble Desktop.


I would recommend to anyone who wants to make their coding lives easier and more accessible.

Alwin Jacob

Really great way to jump into a complicated topic.

Nolan Young

I highly recommend this class to anyone that is looking for an intro to machine learning.

Marcelo Zampietro

Rob is extremely knowledgeable and made learning a complicated subject matter more accessible

Jason Alter
Tapestry Inc.

Noble is the best. Period.

Andrew Ortiz
JP Morgan Chase

I feel very comfortable with the Python syntax after taking this course...I had zero previous experience.

Philip E Camp

Highly recommended course and the instructor is detail oriented and knowledgeable!

Yamini Y
American Express

A strong dive in SQL. You'll walk out of this class with a good grasp of database handling. A great professional skill.

Anderson Wang

I had limited exposure to coding before taking the Web Development Level 1 course at Noble Desktop, and the amount of content I learned in just three days totally exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed having coding exercises modeled for me by the instructor before having the chance to try them on my own.

Nicholas Lederer

This is a very, very solid overview of some powerful web building tools.

Svetlana Finelt

Professional, supportive, engaging and down to earth instructors. Noble Desktop is always there for you.

Mai Amouyal

If you're truly starting with just about zero programming experience this particular Bootcamp will catapult you into intermediate within a few short weeks. Before the class was over I was already able to complete projects on Coursera's project series with relative ease. To be able to cover loops, numpy, pandas, and even data visualization in a short time is very impressive.

Tyler Irwin
New York Life

EXCELLENT! I was surprised by just how 'inspiring' Patrick turned out to be. He made the material interesting and provided a model of how to establish a good mind-frame necessary to mastery. I loved it. Felt like I got personal direction as well as technical skill.

Sean Kerr

This course teaches how to build a great-looking site from the very beginning to going live online in 3 days. Well-worth the investment.

Svetlana Finelt

I totally enjoyed Web Development 1 and learned a great deal. Dan Rodney is an excellent instructor. He is thorough and informative. He makes HTML look easy!

Lisa Dowe

I am happy that I signed up with Noble Desktop for their classes. I signed up for Front End certification. There are so many other classes to choose from that continuing education is on my radar.

Lisa Dowe

This is a great crash course for anyone who's worked with basic Python files and wants to know what they're reading, and to start writing scripts of their own.

Gabe Scelta
United Nations

I had a great teacher! I definitely will recommend it to a friend.

Valeriia Orlova

My main concern with JavaScript was I always felt like I was missing something fundamental or lacked confidence in what I was doing. After taking this course, I feel assured that I understand the core fundamentals of JavaScript and can now continue to build on that foundation.

Katy Martin
Something Digital

Expert instruction that is completely accessible. A vast amount of material presented in a comprehensive way that is methodical and builds from basic to more involved.

Lauren Press
Law and Order SVU

Very passionate instructors, incredibly thoughtful, insightful, and able to answer questions that require a fundamental understanding of how HTML and CSS work without hesitation. Not afraid to show their thinking process, how they tackle a problem they hadn't encountered yet, and how they debug their and the student's code.

Samuel Giminian Munoz

This class was extremely insightful. The instructor and materials definitely elevated my knowledge in this field.

Neil Ilagan

The class will help break into this field, even without any prior experience

John Graniero

Thalo is a great machine learning instructor. He takes his time to make sure you have good notes and explains everything so that you are not left behind.

Mayhugh Davis

As an experienced analyst looking to expand my skillset to include Python, this class was ideal. Without having any Python experience I am now confident I can start leveraging it in my day-to-day work. The class covers everything from how to install and access Python, to data manipulation and visualization.

Harry S Vanderburg

In just one week, I went from knowing nothing about Python to being able to code in numerous ways. This virtual course did a wonderful job feeling like an in-person course and we had an engaging teacher.

Merianne Spencer

Instructors at Noble Desktop are devoted to their students!

Andrew Gordon

Noble Desktop is a great place to learn coding. So far, I've really enjoyed the courses and would definitely refer folks to enroll.

Jesse Daniels

Great investment for a rock-solid foundation in web development.

Ogechi Palmer

Noble Desktop did a great job accommodating our need for Ruby on Rails training in a short amount of time. Really appreciate the turnaround on this and hope to use them again in the future.

Brian McCool
Encantado Technical Solutions, LLC

The class was really easy to digest. Learning web development has been fun!

Curtis Chiu

I highly recommend the Python for Data Science Bootcamp to anyone who has little programming experience and would like to know some basic knowledge about Python.

Yulei He
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

I hope I can take another class with Art!

Dieudonne Nahigombeye
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Whether you are a beginner, slow learner, or intimidated by coding, this class will ease your fears.

Amanuel Melekin
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

I was a bit worried coming into my first class but after completing the first day, I realized it was all in my head and the instructor was great at teaching us at a reasonable pace.

Curtis Chiu

I enjoyed the web development class very much. Anyone who want to learn how to design a website should come to this class!

Yong Zhang

Terrific curriculum and content, and a world-class instructor and hands-on practice. Couldn't have asked for a better overall experience. 10 stars out of 5!

Jordan Fogel

Had a great experience and learned a lot within such a short period of time.

Russel Rouf

A fast-paced bootcamp that kept me engaged and was kept lively with humor.

Robert McLoughlin

Very useful instructors and good content. Would recommend the Python for Data Science Bootcamp.

Roberta Caselli

Good experience! Learned a lot of solid information.

Kiera Durr

Great course! The exercises are well thought out and scaffolded so that each concept builds upon what you've already learned. Would definitely recommend to anyone interested in breaking into coding.

Nicholas Lederer

Instructor Devin was patient, engaging, and kept the same high spirit from beginning to end, which really helped with staying focused on the course material as well as building confidence. The book had helpful tips to help all become polished developers.

Rebecca Anis

Online class was very enjoyable - seemed like I was right there in the class with everyone. Instructor was very attentive to everyone and worked well with each learning level!

Kimberly Strong

This class was laid out in a very easy-to-understand fashion. The instructor was very well-spoken and took time to explain concepts in response to questions without derailing the subject matter being taught.

Joshua T.

Excellent materials and quality of instruction. I came away feeling confident in what I knew and with lots of detailed notes that I could refer to in the future. Probably the best virtual instruction that I've attended!

Leron Culbreath

I thought the content for the class provided good coverage of the foundations of Python. Art is a good instructor. I like his approach of teaching a concept, then giving us an exercise to work through.

Michael M.

Art was an awesome instructor. For someone who has no experience with Python or coding, he made it very simple to understand and took the time to make sure we were caught up to speed every few minutes. Definitely interested in learning more and looking forward to how I can apply the information I learned today, and help my team/company. Also motivated to learn more and practice this more and more.

Ben G.

I learned a lot of new things...many tips and tricks that I can apply to my next projects. Devin was very informative and went over the material at a good pace.

Rodrigo L.

Devin was great about answering questions of all kinds and presenting the material!

Sokhi W.

I will return to learn more.

Samuel Ayisi

I've taken a number of Python introductory courses, but this one left me feeling the most prepared to start practicing on my own. Looking forward to doing more than just 2+2!

Sean McNelis

Great instructor who gave solid information and extra tips with real-world examples. It's nice to experience the different pieces come together - the HTML and the amazing things that can be done with CSS.

Kiera D.

Instructor was very good. Clearly walked through a broad amount of Python material in a succinct and helpful way.

Peter B.

Art was very knowledgeable, with great, repetitive, and helpful examples/exercises. We went through a lot of examples but the breaks and lunch breaks in between really helped to ensure we stay engaged.

Bo H.

Very solid information, a great basic Python course. Art did a great job getting the class up to speed and helping us catch up quickly if we fell behind any.

Christopher S.

I enjoyed the fact that we were challenged to write code on our own instead of following step-by-step from a book. It forced me to find out what I knew and (more importantly) what I didn't know. Devin was great in helping me understand concepts that I did not understand right away.

Joshua T.

A very fun and effective way to teach coding. Especially for a beginner. Trust them and you'll learn a lot.

Nicholas Duca

If you want an engaging course that will challenge you to cement the course material, led by professional instructors who will encourage you to ask questions, be patient, and provide an inclusive, welcoming environment - then do sign up! They give you such a bang for your buck. I feel confident that my skills will help me build a portfolio for developer roles I am ambitious to pursue.

Rebecca Anis

Excellent. Art fine-tunes his teaching style to our level of understanding. Efficient, patient, current examples of data topics, overall great for me as a beginner - never coded at all prior!

Michelle Moreno

The 5-day Python bootcamp was excellent! It was exactly what I needed to get a broad overview of Python, and it got me excited to continue coding. The course instructor Brian was fantastic. He kept the class fun, interesting, and engaging. I really enjoyed his teaching style.

Rasia Naidoo

I was skeptical about whether to join these classes since I don't have any previous experience in any coding or programming languages. But the classes are appropriate for any beginner and make understanding and learning skills easy.

Anwesh Kumar Yeddula Sobitha

This is the go-to class for diving into coding. It made me realize that with the right teachers, anything is possible.

Ralph Betesh

Brian McClain was extremely thorough in this class and utilized the class time well. His course outlines and PDFs helped the class stay on track with his lectures and we always went over the challenges related to the lessons. He encouraged questions and helped us solve problems by rethinking how we use functions. I learned so much from this course and really appreciated the fact that he always used and encouraged best practices. It's rare to find a teacher that not only enjoys the material but also cares that it is being received properly. Brian McClain is one of these rare finds and I am so grateful for the instruction.If you are looking for a JavaScript class that will help you to really understand the fundamentals as well as modern approaches, look no further. After taking this course, I feel more confident using JavaScript at work. Time and money well spent!

Cicely Brooks

Art did an excellent job of helping us to understand Python!

Loyce Laurent

The best investment I have made in my life!

Luis Pecina

It was great to see my progress during the duration of this bootcamp. I started with no prior knowledge of Python and by the end of the course, I was able to complete a machine learning project using Python.

Niekel Griffith

This was easily the best instruction I have received all year -- I honestly feel like 3 days was enough time to get the entirety of Python's basics down, and I am looking forward to actively pursuing this as a data language. Boris was a fantastic teacher with excellent pacing and an easy-to-understand style, and the class materials were laid out in a sensible manner to pack a lot of content into a few short days of instruction.

Zachary Rusconi

If you’re thinking about taking the leap and learning to program, do it. You’ll have a fantastic experience here.

Moises Perez

I feel like I learned what I need to know to build a basic website, thanks to the instructor's explanations, demos, examples, and walkthroughs. The code examples and comments made in class are excellent references for future website development projects.

Niteesh Thangaraj

Excellent coursework and professor. It helped me grasp the basics of machine learning quickly and effectively. The class was hands-on and helped me implement Python concepts and apply them to build machine learning models. It was a great learning experience!

Jayashree Subramanian

I recommend this course, this teacher, and this school to everyone wanting to learn machine learning. It was an amazing experience.

Federico Garay

Completing the JavaScript course in just one month was quite challenging. It required a high level of self-dedication to fully immerse oneself in JavaScript to achieve success. Despite the rigorous study schedule, Brian consistently motivated us to keep up. Even on the very last day of the class, he showed genuine concern for our portfolios. I appreciate his care and kindness throughout the course, as they played a significant role in keeping us motivated and engaged.

Laura Won

It's my first time attending a bootcamp and I really enjoyed it. Having learned Python by myself, I was not sure if I'd learn new things in this bootcamp. Still, I was pleasantly surprised that I learned quite a lot, from small but fundamental concepts (importance of returning values, structure of Pandas, etc.) to more elaborate ones (structure of functions and loops, lambda functions, etc.). It helped me consolidate the basics, fill in the gaps in my overall understanding of Python, and make me more confident in using it. Moreover, Brian is a great instructor, conveying all these concepts in an interesting and easily understandable way!

Arnaud Borrens

Instructor Brian is amazing and very knowledgeable. He makes sure everyone understands something before moving to the next subject. For someone who doesn't have experience, this 5 days of content is good enough to learn how to code with Python for data science. Thank you, Professor Brian, for your excellence!

Shahnoza Yusupova

Python is a 'must' language to learn. This class gave me a good start to go back and work on my modernization project where I will be using Python.

Rahul Vohra

Even if you are a beginner in Python programming, don't worry - all teaching is done in a way students can understand thoroughly.

Dookyoo Kim

This course is great for anyone who has no experience or even very little experience in programming. It's a simple step in learning how to use various developer tools and helps to build confidence in other areas of programming moving forward.

Joel Williams

I'm a project manager and graphic designer, and come from a no-code background. I've tried learning to code before but found online learning resources dull and overwhelming. Noble Desktop's class materials are awesome, filled with helpful tips and clear writing, altogether making coding more accessible for professionals and coding novices like me.


I think anyone with an interest in learning Python as a new skill would benefit from Noble Desktop's bootcamps, especially with the option to retake them. I feel very positive about what I've learned and look forward to continue developing my skills in the field.

Michael Abrams

What Coding Class is Right for You?

While many coding schools concentrate on full-time bootcamp programs, at Noble Desktop you can take individual classes on a specific topic, or take multiple courses as part of a certificate program. This flexibility allows you to learn a particular skill you want, or get a well-rounded start in our certificate programs.

If you’re not sure if coding is right for you, try one of our starter courses. If you like it, continue taking additional classes and you can earn a certificate. Our modular approach to classes allows you flexibility for scheduling and what you’ll learn.

Front-End Web Dev Bootcamps

The front-end of a website is what you see in a web browser. It’s the content, appearance, and interactivity seen in a webpage. To code the front-end you’ll use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We offer a full suite of web development courses and certificate programs.


The foundation of all webpages is HTML & CSS. HTML marks up or labels content such as headings, paragraphs, lists, links, and more. CSS styles the content based on your markup. HTML & CSS are easier to learn because they are coding, not full-blown programming. HTML is the easiest because there’s less code and complexity. CSS takes a bit longer to master because there’s more to it and it has some concepts that need to be understood for things to work properly. CSS continues to get new features faster than HTML, with newer layout techniques such as flexbox and grid. CSS continues to develop to give developers more control over the layout and appearance of a webpage.

You can get started with the basics of HTML and CSS in only a few hours in our class. If you need to learn it more in depth, take our cour, or for the most comprehensive program take our Front-End Web Development Certificate.


While HTML/CSS are the foundational languages for designing web applications, they are fairly old languages and their limitations are visible enough that a webpage built solely in HTML/CSS lacks many of the interactive features we expect from contemporary web designs. JavaScript is the most commonly used language for adding these important interactive features to a webpage. You can add animation and interactive functionality to webpages using JavaScript. JavaScript is the lord of a webpage, and can change both content (HTML) and styling (CSS) within a page. If anything needs to change after a page has loaded, it’s typically JavaScript that will be responsible for doing so.

JavaScript Libraries

As one of the world's most popular programming languages, JavaScript has a large community of developers who strive to make programming with the language as simple and accessible as possible. Instead of writing all the JavaScript yourself, many libraries allow you to use pre-made functionality. This will enable you to create things faster (by writing less code) without reinventing the wheel. This will allow you to improve your output and make learning how to write JavaScript code easier.

JavaScript’s deep pool of libraries and frameworks gives the language unparalleled versatility and flexibility. Learning JavaScirpt’s MERN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js) will allow developers to program full stack web and software applications using only JavaScript and its libraries. This is particularly relevant for Software Engineers hoping to work on IoT technologies like applications for digital assistance or home automation systems since these programs allow devices to read and execute JavaScript programming without having to open a web browser. MongoDB is a dedicated databases library that lets JavaScript Developers bypass the need to link their programs to SQL databases. React is a component-driven library maintained by Meta, allowing users to build user interfaces using pre-built JavaScript code.

Students interested in learning all of the possibilities offered by the MERN stack and other JavaScript libraries should consider enrolling in Noble’s JavaScript Development Certificate program. This program is great for anyone interested in a Software Engineer or Web Developer career.


jQuery is like the swiss army knife of JavaScript libraries. It allows you to do so many different things. Many developers have packaged up their jQuery code as plugins, allowing you to do even more (slideshows, form validation, showing/hiding) without having to write much code yourself.


The GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP) is a JavaScript library focused solely on animation. GreenSock gives you the most flexibility and control over animating anything within a webpage. It’s supported by all the major ad networks and recommended by Google for creating animated banner ads.

You should know some JavaScript/jQuery before learning GreenSock. While very powerful, in some ways GreenSock is easier than a lot of JavaScript/jQuery because the GreenSock syntax is very efficient and consistent.


React is a front-end JavaScript library for building an interactive UI (user interface) for web applications. Everything in React is a component. Each component can react (update) to changes, such as real-time data. Each component can be updated without having to reload the entire webpage.

Before learning React you should have a know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

How to Get Started

Looking at the list of languages you can learn for front end, it can be overwhelming knowing how much you should learn and where to start. When you’re getting started don’t worry about learning everything. You don’t need to know it all to start creating webpages. Knowing some HTML and CSS will get you started building simple websites. You can then add in JavaScript/jQuery.

See how you do learning and using those, and you’ll be in a better place to decide if you want to learn more and what that will be. Maybe you’ll want to learn more JavaScript and get into GreenSock, React, etc. or maybe you’ll want to explore the back-end (as we explain below.)

When learning HTML, CSS, etc., keep in mind that you are learning a language! Kids learning to speak their native language can understand you before they can speak, and when coding you’ll be able to look and understand code before you can know what to type in from scratch.

Practice makes perfect. To become a proficient coder keep the following in mind:

  • Learn the codes and know what they do.
  • Type those codes repeatedly to ingrain them into your memory.
  • As you start coding you’ll need to reference the books you get in our classes, Google, etc. until eventually you’ve written that code enough times that you can remember it without having to look it up.
  • Sometimes you may not fully understand concepts when you first see them, but they should start to make more sense after you get a bit deeper into a language. While HTML/CSS let you do things with very little code and get immediate feedback, more complex languages such as JavaScript require you to understand multiple core concepts before you can do something basic. HTML/CSS are going to be easier, while JavaScript is a step up in terms of complexity and difficulty. Just take things in stages. It’s like learning to crawl, walk, and then run. In time you will get it, especially the more you learn and practice.
  • Noble Desktop’s front-end classes are a great way to learn to code. They come with step-by-step workbooks which you can reference later if you forget how to code something. You can practice by going over the exercises and once you know the code you can start using it to build your own pages.

Back-End Web Dev Bootcamps

The back-end of a website involves things that happen on a web server (a computer that runs the website). It usually involves a database for storing information such as products, prices, orders, social media posts, passwords, etc. Using a server-side coding language (such as PHP, Ruby, Node.js, etc.) you can process information in forms, create login/logout functionality, and much more.

This ability to accept user data is what creates the magical experience of websites like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. On the early internet, websites did not change much. You could view a restaurant menu or travel photos, but there was no reason to stay on a site after you’d seen it. The content was stagnant, and viewing was a lonely experience without interaction from other visitors to the site. Today, websites can captivate people for hours because there is always fresh content, comments from other users, and opportunities to interact. When users have their accounts, the experience can even be personalized to match their tastes. This kind of dynamic, engaging experience is the real value of a backend programming language

WordPress & PHP

WordPress is a CMS (content management system). That means regular people (non-coders) can go in and update content such as text, images, etc. WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS, running over 30% of all websites. Behind the scenes, WordPress runs on PHP, a server-side language that has been around for a very long time.

While non-coders can update content, there are limits to what they can do. Themes control the appearance and functionality of a WordPress site, and they are coded with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and some PHP.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is very developer friendly. It’s powerful, yet the code is readable and intuitive. It lets programmers write code quickly and efficiently, which is why it’s popular with many companies such Airbnb, GitHub, and many others.

When Ruby on Rails emerged in the early 2000s, it delivered a karate-chop to the web development ecosystem. In contrast to the existing tools, which emphasized flexibility and generality, Ruby on Rails was laser-focused on being productive for web development. Instead of personalized configuration, Ruby on Rails holds everyone to the same strict conventions. These conventions function like a “shorthand” for code and allow experienced Ruby on Rails developers to create an amazing amount of functionality in a short amount of time. Other languages and frameworks have since adopted many of the principles that Ruby on Rails pioneered, but it remains an excellent specialized tool for web development.


Because so many front-end web developers know JavaScript, they wanted to be able to run JavaScript on a server instead of having to learn another server-side language. Node.js makes this possible. Node.js is asynchronous and many concurrent connections can be handled at the same time, updating each connection once a process has finished. In other words, Node.js can run very quickly.

Two unique advantages that Node.js enjoys are the speed of JavaScript and the ability to handle many simultaneous connections. Because JavaScript is a bottleneck when browsing the internet, Google has spent an immense amount of time and money figuring out how to run it faster. The result is called the V8 JavaScript engine, which forms an important part of the Chrome internet browser. Node.js can reuse the V8 engine when it runs JavaScript code on the back-end, giving it a speed advantage over similar server-side languages.

The second advantage of Node.js is that it will happily support thousands of simultaneous connections. Node.js was designed during the modern internet era where 10,000 users could be interacting with a website at the same time, and its architecture is built to accommodate that. Like a waiter serving several tables at once, it can jump back and forth between users and satisfy all their demands in real-time. Other backends, designed for a simpler era, default to satisfying one user at a time and will struggle under heavy traffic unless they are augmented. This feature of Node.js, its “asynchronous” design, makes it more difficult to learn initially but much easier to scale up in the case of a popular website.


Python is very popular and gaining momentum. That’s partially because you can use it for so many things: back-end web development, data science, automation, and more. Another reason people like Python is its short, readable code.

Python is a popular choice for backend programming because it is easy to read and versatile. The readable code makes the learning curve for Python friendlier than any other language. This emphasis on readability carries over to the tools built in Python, which also tend to be simpler to use than in competing languages. While readability has these short-term benefits for students of Python, it also has long-term ones. Teams of programmers have an easier time collaborating on each other's code, finding bugs, and onboard new members.

When Python is used for a variety of tasks within a team—like web development, automation, and data analysis—it eliminates the extra work it would normally take to use multiple languages for these tasks. There is the obvious extra work of setting up and integrating tools from two separate languages, but there are also the time spent learning and enforcing best practices in two different languages. Just using Python eliminates both kinds of extra work. Using the same language across different functions also makes it easier for programmers to switch roles if the need arises.

Data Science Bootcamps

As massive and complicated data sets become increasingly common, specialized tools such as Python, SQL, and R have emerged to analyze, visualize, and transform that data. Python is one of the most common tools for working with data due to its open-source license, relative ease of use, and available third-party tools. Data scientists also use SQL to directly access and manipulate databases. R is a great programming language for those who need a more specialized tool focused on statistical analysis.

Python is quickly becoming the lingua franca of data. The reason for its booming popularity, in short, is that it is a versatile, open-source language that is fun to use. Up until recently, the tools for dealing with data formed a very fractured landscape. Each particular discipline had its preferred tool, which was usually proprietary. Economists tended toward STATA, machine learning researchers tended toward MATLAB, and physicists tended toward Mathematica. As collaboration over the internet has become easier, the passionate open source community around Python has caught up to these proprietary tools and surpassed them. Features that used to make these proprietary tools unique—advanced graphing capabilities or a shareable notebook format, for example—have all been incorporated into Python. Users from all kinds of quantitative disciplines have been migrating to Python, attracted by the appeal of an open-source tool that is more versatile and fun to use.

To learn more about data science, Python and its associated tools, consider enrolling in Noble’s Data Science Certificate program.


More and more professionals are being expected to use data in their decision-making, and learning SQL will mean you are ready. SQL lets you answer questions using a database, the ultimate system of record for most organizations. While spreadsheets can give you a partial snapshot of your organization’s data, with SQL you can get a complete view of your data in real-time. You will also learn how data is inserted and organized, so that you can better understand how your organization collects the data it has. This can give you valuable insight into whether important data is being lost, or if poorly organized data is slowing you down. To help students become proficient with databases, Noble offers a range of SQL training programs.


For statistical analysis, R has a set of tools that is unmatched in depth and sophistication. Statisticians and other academics have been contributing to R for over 25 years, guaranteeing that for any statistical technique you can think of there will be a high-quality tool ready and waiting. If you have a background in statistics, you may find R easier to use because the terminology will be consistent with your training. However, since R is a specialized tool for statistical analysis, you may want to consider a more general-purpose language like Python if your interests are broader.

iOS App Dev Bootcamps

Swift is Apple’s latest coding language for creating iOS apps. Compared to the previous language (Objective-C), Swift should be easier and more friendly for new app developers. Swift is also more like JavaScript, which should help web developers that want to make the transition to app developer.

If you have never done any coding or programming, it can be daunting to jump right into iOS app development. Having prior experience in another programming language such as JavaScript or Python will help, as you’ll already understand some fundamental programming concepts that many languages share.

In particular, it will help to be comfortable with object-oriented programming and reading API documentation. iOS development heavily involves building on top of code that Apple developers have written and using APIs that Apple provides. Unlike in other domains, a new iOS project will not start from a blank slate but will instead plug into a strict framework that allows your code to safely interact with the iPhone or iPad it runs on. Understanding how to fit into that framework is the biggest hurdle when starting with iOS development, and relies on your ability to read documentation and object-oriented code.

Coding Careers

Coding is one of the most in-demand skills in the US. According to the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, careers in web development are expected to rise by nearly 30% over the next decade, and careers in software development are expected to follow closely at 26%. Both of these projections are significantly higher than the projected national average (5%), meaning that these jobs are expected to grow fairly steadily. Anyone looking to enter into a high-paying career field that expects to remain on the rise should seriously consider enrolling in a computer programming course.

One common coding career path is web development. Web Developers are professional programmers who build and maintain web applications using programming languages like JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Python and Django. Most Web Developers will find work as either Front End Developers or Back End Developers. Front End Developers are tasked with building the interactive, client-facing elements of a webpage, including all of the visual components of a design. In the US, they average an annual salary of about $100,000. Back End Developers work with the server and database infrastructure that allows webpages to operate behind the scenes. They are more likely to work with languages like SQL and Python, though dedicated JavaScript Developers will do a great deal of back end work. In the US, annual salaries for Back End Developers are around $150,000. Full Stack Developers, who handle the front and back end development processes, can expect to earn around $125,000 a year.

Software Engineering is the other major career path opened up by learning computer coding. Software Engineers are professional programmers who work on building applications that instruct computers how to execute vital functions. Everything from notepad programs and audio players to video games and multi-purpose design software is programmed by teams of engineers. Software Engineers are also increasingly involved in developing IoT technologies that let devices like personal assistants, phones, home security systems and even cars access the internet and run computer programs. Software Engineers average a base salary of about $110,000.

Anyone interested in a career in data science will also need to learn computer programming. Data Scientists build the databases and algorithms that allow businesses and organizations to manage their data and make crucial business and financial decisions based on interpretations of that data. Data Scientists will need to learn how to use programming languages like Python to build and query databases, and their services are in high demand as more and more industries are realizing the potential of large-scale data analysis. In the US, Data Scientists make an average of $125,000 a year. Some trained Data Scientists may find specialized work as Machine Learning Engineers responsible for building the programs that allow machine algorithms to read and interpret data independently. This is an emerging career field, but in the US, Machine Learning Engineers command an average salary of $150,000.

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Learn Coding for a New Career

  • Web Developer

    Salary in NYC

    $77,000 / year

    Web developers build webpages using coding languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They program functionality and identify/troubleshoot errors in code. Web developers can work on front-end development (the part of the website you see in a web browser), or on back-end development (the logic and database functionality that runs on the web server). Others work as full-stack developers, providing end-to-end (front to back) expertise.

  • Front End Developer

    Salary in NYC

    $120,000 / year

    A Front End Developer builds the front end, also called client-side, of a website or web application. Some Front End Developers will update current websites to meet modern standards, create prototypes from wireframes, and use design comps to satisfy the needs of their employer or client.

  • Software Engineer

    Salary in NYC

    $149,000 / year

    Software engineers use their extensive knowledge of user experience design, operating systems, and programming languages to develop software. They can create different types of software, from games to operating systems. After analyzing a client's needs, they design, develop, and test software to meet that need. Software engineers can be divided into two distinct career categories: application engineers and systems engineers.

  • Data Scientist

    Salary in NYC

    $126,000 / year

    Data scientists collect, organize, and analyze large sets of data, providing analysis that is key to decision making. Governments, non-profits, and businesses of all types rely on data for forecasting, risk management, and resource allocation. Data scientists discover and analyze trends in data, and report their findings to stakeholders. They will use algorithms and models to simplify and mine data sets to create data-driven recommendations. Data scientists are needed across a handful of industries, especially the ubiquity of data and the reliance on it for business decision-making.

  • Mobile Developer

    Salary in NYC

    $142,000 / year

    Mobile developers are software developers who specialize in creating apps for mobile technology. Working with iOS and Android, mobile developers learn the programming languages specific for their chosen platform. They work with clients to identify the appearance and functionality required, and then use their development skills to create a functioning app. Mobile developers can work for organizations in business, healthcare, retail, entertainment, and much more.

  • Product Manager

    Salary in NYC

    $125,000 / year

    Product managers guide product development from ideation to market. Starting with consumer and market research, they use their understanding of customer wants and needs to inform product development and go-to-market strategy. They will work closely with engineering, marketing, sales, and other teams to launch products. After launch, they solicit and analyze feedback on the product to inform future iterations.

  • Python Developer

    Salary in NYC

    $127,000 / year

    Python Developers typically choose to focus on back end web development, data science or analysis, scripting, or product development. They build the server side of websites, processes for data analysis, and create automation scripts.

  • Full Stack Developer

    Salary in NYC

    $135,000 / year

    Full Stack Developers build web applications for both the visible front end that users see and the back end that powers the applications.

Interactive Training

Learn in Real-Time with Small Class Sizes

Attend courses in-person in NYC or Live Online via Zoom. Engage with expert instructors, ask questions, and get feedback on your exercises and projects.

Unlike other providers, these are not mass open-enrollment classes. At Noble Desktop, you’ll learn in small groups (typically 8-15 students) and receive personalized attention.

On Campus in NYC 185 Madison Ave, NYC

Get face-to-face interaction with an instructor and other students when you learn at our NYC campus. Courses are hands-on with a computer and software provided.

  • Live, interactive class
  • Experienced instructor in the room with you
  • Computer and software provided

More about our campus

Live Online Remote, from anywhere

Get the same interactivity and access to the instructor as in-person students. There are no extra fees and we’ll work with you to ensure your remote setup is perfect.

  • Live, interactive class
  • Experienced instructor teaching over Zoom
  • Remote setup assistance provided

More about live online training

Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (44)

Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (45)

Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (46)

Upcoming Coding Classes in NYC or Live Online

All times are listed in Eastern Time unless otherwise specified.

July 2024

Python Machine Learning Bootcamp

July 8–12

Monday to Friday 10–5pm


30 Hours

NYC or Live Online

Learn the fundamentals of machine learning, including regression analysis and classification algorithms, in this practical, hands-on course. Gain the skills needed to solve real-world problems using machine learning, with a focus on Python programming and data science libraries.

July 9–11

Tuesday to Thursday 10–5pm


18 Hours

NYC or Live Online

Learn how to code webpages using HTML and CSS, from structuring and tagging content to styling and making the pages responsive. Upload and make your websites live using FTP.

Front-End Web Development Certificate

July 9–August 9

Weekdays 10–5pm


108 Hours

NYC or Live Online

Learn front-end web development with HTML & CSS, and JavaScript, and gain skills in building responsive websites for any screen size. Additionally, learn how to use WordPress, the world's leading content management system, to create customizable websites and edit content without coding experience.

Full-Stack Web Development Certificate

July 9–November 7

Weekdays 10–5pm


420 Hours

NYC or Live Online

Gain the skills and knowledge to become a Full Stack Developer and meet the growing demand for professionals who can develop and maintain web applications. This project-oriented course teaches you how to code websites from scratch, and you'll build a portfolio of working web applications to showcase to potential employers.

Software Engineering Certificate

July 9–December 5

Weekdays 10–5pm


510 Hours

NYC or Live Online

Learn front end development with HTML & CSS, JavaScript, and React, and back end development with Python, Django, and Node.js. Get 1-on-1 mentoring and a structured curriculum to become a skilled Software Engineer or Full Stack Developer.

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Coding Classes & Bootcamps in NYC (2024)


Are coding bootcamps still worth it? ›

Yes, a coding bootcamp can get you a job, and some providers even offer job guarantees. A Forbes Advisor survey found that 28% of bootcamp alums found new jobs after graduating, and most secured a job within three months.

Are there free coding bootcamps in NYC? ›

ProjectCode at NYPL

The New York Public Library's ProjectCode initiative is basically a free coding bootcamp. The 12-week program teaches front-end web development with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Classes are offered at three different NYPL branches, with multiple time slots available.

Is a coding bootcamp certificate worth it? ›

Bootcamps can be a good alternative to a traditional college degree for those interested in a fast-growing tech career. For professionals looking to make a quick career change, bootcamps offer technical skills along with robust career search services.

Do people get hired after coding bootcamps? ›

In fact, according to a recent study by Course Report, the average job placement rate for coding bootcamp graduates in California is 80%. That means that 8 out of 10 coding bootcamp graduates in California are able to find a job in tech within six months of graduating.

What is a disadvantage of attending a coding bootcamp? ›

Con: Preparation Varies

This can leave bootcamp graduates unprepared to deal with novel situations because they don't have a solid coding foundation to stand on, and can only solve problems “one way.” Many graduates (but not all) lack real world experience in a coding job, too.

How hard is it to pass a coding bootcamp? ›

Because it is a short program, expect it to be dense and intense. It's not for the faint of heart and to prepare for it, try to learn as much as you can before getting into this beautiful mess. The pressure to learn is higher if you go through coding bootcamp as opposed to just teaching yourself how to code.

How long does a coding bootcamp take? ›

A full-time bootcamp usually runs for 12 weeks and includes several hours of class time daily. Conversely, expect most part-time bootcamps to run for 24 weeks with fewer class hours per week.

Should I learn coding before bootcamp? ›

It depends on your current level of coding knowledge and experience. If you are a complete beginner, it may be beneficial to take a coding course before attending a bootcamp. However, if you already have some coding knowledge and want to dive deeper and gain practical experience, a bootcamp may be the better option.

Is coding hard to learn? ›

Yes, it can get complicated if you try to do too much too soon—without help, a purpose, or learning fundamental skills. But then no, it's also not hard to learn to code if you start learning where you're at. It's easier when you start with foundational skills, like-minded people, mentors, and a goal in mind.

What coding language should I learn? ›

JavaScript and Python, two of the most popular languages in the startup industry, are in high demand. Most startups use Python-based backend frameworks such as Django (Python), Flask (Python), and NodeJS (JavaScript). These languages are also considered to be the best programming languages to learn for beginners.

Is coding bootcamp still worth it in 2024? ›

Yes, coding bootcamps in 2024 are worth it. They provide fast-track tech career opportunities with job-ready skills, hands-on projects, interview prep, and career coaching.

Do employers care about coding bootcamps? ›

In tech, bootcamps are a popular way for students to acquire tech skills—often quicker, cheaper, and with more flexibility. Plus, top companies recognize their merit. Companies like Google, JP Morgan Chase, and Accenture are leading this charge and hire hundreds, if not thousands, of bootcamp graduates each year.

Is coding still in demand in 2024? ›

Is Coding Still Worth Learning in 2024? As a 30-year-old considering a career as a programmer, you may be wondering if this is still a wise choice, given the fears surrounding AI's potential to replace software engineers. The reality is that coding and software engineering are not going away anytime soon.

What is the success rate of coding bootcamps? ›

With a focus on practical skills and real-world experience, coding bootcamps are now a genuinely viable alternative to traditional education like a computer science degree, which according to the same data provided by Career Karma offer a 68% average placement rate.

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